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Back-to-school shopping: Why Teens are holding off!!

A young prospective buyer walked out of the Forever 21 with nothing but a pair of pants in her yellow shopping bag. Her friend left empty-handed, as well. At the peak of what is usually a must time for back-to-school clothes shopping, these high school students feel no pressure to update their wardrobes for the first day of class.
“I want to wait and see if there’s anything new coming out during the year,” they both said. “It doesn’t make sense to buy everything now.”
This is a huge statement coming from young consumers …..
A number of consumer researchers say these young teens, are not the only teens forgoing the tradition of August back-to-school shopping. They are spreading out their apparel spending for a good reason.
 Why are these young consumers doing this??
There are a number of factors, including the rise of chains like H&M and Zara, the so-called fast fashion retailers that sell inexpensive clothing and turn over their inventories rapidly to stay on trend, are contributing to this New Shopping Trend.
Trend-savvy teens have always roamed the malls year-round looking for deals. They have learned well from their parents how to shop. When typically the bulk of their school clothes were bought in August; now are delaying those purchases to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends.
Wow!  What a concept … hold your money, wait for the next latest trend, if you like you buy it now ….if not, in a month or two another trend will appear ….
These teens stay up to date via the Web, which provides style-savvy shoppers with instant access to latest fashion shows, news, celebrity trends, etc.
Hey, let’s wait and see if there’s anything new coming out!!!

There is an outdated idea that we’re buying everything at once, just like we did 20 years ago. Not true!
Here come the Stats:

The National Retail Federation, which tracks shopping trends and habits, is predicting a 14 percent rise in back-to-school spending in 2012 for both K-12 and college students.

That increase encompasses both clothing and school supplies. A 2011 survey conducted by the NRF and the market research company BIGinsight found that back-to-school spending averaged $603.63 per child.

For 2012 that number is expected to rise to $688.62 per child. Combined kindergarten through college spending is expected to reach $83.8 billion this year.
Wow, were they wrong!!!
Teens and Young adults want to be able to buy today what they saw online last week.
Those retailers that have adapted are quickly expanding such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 — commonly referred to as purveyors of fast fashion. They have helped to alter the shopping landscape. The Swedish chain H&M, which has 10 locations in Massachusetts, reported plans earlier this year to open 275 stores globally, bringing its numbers to more than 2,500 stores in 44 countries.
Stores like H&M are successful with teens because they respond rapidly to trends.
Retailers buy smaller batches of clothing, so inventory is constantly changing with trends. For example say, red shirts are suddenly the rage, they can be available to the consumer quickly. By this method stores encourage repeat business to trend-conscious teens to shop year-round.
Because of these fast change in Trends; for example, Zara and stores like it: have an average of 17 visits by consumers per year, compared to only a handful per year at the Gap.
So, next time you are shopping …. Do not feel pressured to buy…. Wait, because another trend will appear very soon …..

Women’s Designer Collections Spring 2012

Women’s Designer Collections Spring 2012:

In today’s fast-paced retail market and fashion industry consumers new looks are displayed and gone the next…. one replacing the other so fast that sometimes the Trends do not even get off the ground.

The result is this revolving door syndrome of color, style, and fashion ever  circuling  trends needed to keep up with the demand; like man- tailored, tribal, and tropical and 20’s looks.  This feeding frenzy is made up so retailers make their money.

So when shopping out there,   stop to think about what you want to wear, will it take me to another season?  What other styles I have bought in the past go with my shoes, my dress, my look…..

Remember, it is your money that you are spending.  Have fun doing it but, do not go crazy and go broke.

Here are few of Spring 2012 Trends you should look for —-

A)    Sea world
Look to Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Givenchy. Look for Iridescent and mother of pearl finishes, aqua themed prints, coral shapes, and fish scaled textures.

B)     Minimal detailing — Color blocking, Geometric shapes, clean lines, and Plain pumps.

C)     Graphic prints
Look to Tory Burch, DKNY, and Diane Von  Furstenberg. Monochrome prints, bold colors, big florals.

D)    Golden Age of the 50’s — Look for Nina Ricci, D&G, and Prada.   Pointy toes, Kitten heels, vintage auto inspired details, and spray painted finishes.

Key Footwear Trend details —–

A)    Pastels colors

B)     Pearlised finishes

C)     Raffia

D)    50’s pumps

E)     Metal toe caps

F)     Molded heels

So , now that you have the info … making it eaiser to shop for yourself or your best friend.    What are the Spring 2012 trends that you like; or think will make into your closet ????   Let me know !!!



What to shoe shop for in Berlin for the Holidays

This Fall key shoe shopping trends in Berlin , Germany



a) Equestrian influences continue to be all over the place this winter, with tan leather boots with tab pulls, buckle  detailing and functional back zips , etc.

b)Work boots have fur linings making them cozy and fun.

c)As the holiday season approaches, glitter add an instant festive update to heeled shoes and your smoking slipper.

d)The shoe booty  emerges as a key shape, with sleek and minimal designs in black with elastic side panels.

So,  have fun shoe shopping this Fall season when traveling to Berlin , Germany.








How to transform a Pump into a Mary Jane

Prada at SaksThe Mary Jane Update —-

Probably one of the hardest shoes to update is the Pump .  How do you come up with fresh ideas and keep up with the latest trends ?


Well, this season the Mary Jane is the  new pump update ;  this is a pump with the single strap running across the instep; for those that do not know the term.


The easiest way to update is by ading either  a buckle and or  a button at the end of the instep strap.


This update is not new to the shoe world of fashion ;  however, over the years it has fit  nicely with all the trends that go around ….  while still being ladylike  !!!


Here are a few ways the Mary Jane is being changed for todays trends:


1)     Changing the heel … making it futuristic ,  or vintage.

2)     Material interests like … Wools, Flannels , Herringbones, Mix Media , Snake Skin , Color Blocking , or  just a nice Soft Leather .

3)     Ornamentation like  bows , buckles , straps on the Vamp of the shoe

4)     Put a Platform in front of the Mary Jane with a nice thin sexy heel ; acutally this details has been going on for a while now but it is so simple and nice that it goes on ….


The biggest asset that Mary Jane’s have is their versatility in going with any outfit .   This is important in today’s economic situation .   Where you can wear a Mini or Skinny Jeans the look going for is clean, sexy and elegant.    This look can be taken to work or play ;  you can be sure that your outfit will be sharp , elegant and presentable.


Here are a few Mary Jane updates that you shoe consider in your closet !!!!

Office ShopsPaul&Mary Saks SaksSaks


By the way , you can find all the above styles in : www.saks.com  and 


Happy shoe hunting and do not forget to share with all your friends !! 







Snake or Exotic Natural Skins

This seasons trend of shoe styles in snake or natural exotic skins, have made a splash!

The palette is soft and natural with accents of smoky camels, beiges, nudes and other natural shades. Making it modern at the same time sophisticated.

Let’s take a look at this natural trend and see what shoe styles you might consider.

Before we start, remember …. keep it simple!

This trend can easily become a mix and match of things that do not make sense. It is elegant, sophisticated, we want everyone to look at you and say…. WOW!!! Right??

Pick one or two items for the look, this is all you will need. Theses kinds of shades will last for a life time if you know how to wear them. Specially the shoes…..

1) Plain pumps– They go with everything; however, your outfit needs natural hues, like beige, tan, taupe, nude.

Try a suede mid or mini, or a silk jump suite that flows down the body. If it has a sleek cut on the shoulders the better.

Chocolate brown belt might work, as well!


Accentuate your look with a Knotted Gold Chain ……….

By the way! You need to have a natural tan, please do not go out the door if your body looks stark white. Remember, this look is for someone that loves the outdoors, and is not afraid to show it.

More Great Stuff!

2)Sandal— A clean modern sandal might work as well, notice that it is simple!

It is strappy, yet showing off how your beautiful ankles, nicely painted toe nails, etc. etc. RIGHT??

Hot!Hot! Hot! Hot!

The choices you make is about your style while incorporating the trend. A bold shoe, a bag , a necklace, a bracelet. Make your investment pay off by spending more on quality than quantitiy, specially on this trend.


3)The Bag— What can I say…. this is one Beautiful Tote Bag!

Again…. simple! simple! simple! Clean lines !

A simple elegant item can update your entire outfit!

4)A Bold Snake Bracelet— Not only makes a statement of nature and beauty but enforces the fact that you know what kind of story you want others to see you in.

Yes, I know who I am as a person…. and I love nature!

Very Stunning!

Now, to spice things up a bit. Not all your accessories need to match; however they need to blend, while complimenting to the outfit or trend…. OK! Very Simple!

Let’s take a look what else we can use to make your outfit fantastic.




A little Bronze will work, notice that by adding the natural looks above will not harm the look or the trend.

A veg tan soft nappa leather bag will go a long way, it will also work with other looks,as well. Saving you lots of $$$$$$

You might want to look at crocco, tortoiseshell. Finish off your look with a high fashion note! Try some layering, fluid looks.

Keep your cool! Stay Chic ! Enjoy your summer afternoon with some fantastic pieces of style.

Fashionista 2011

I will be reviewing shoe styles and trends, so you can make your Fashion Selection!

Have fun reading some of my comments…..

For all you Fashionistas.Here is a little insight on the shoe trends selling in my neighborhood here in L.A. and the OC.

Next time you are with one of your customers you should push them towards color! Everywhere you look bright colors like yellow, orange, bright pink, blue, or kelly green are giving us a boost….

We sure need it in this economy!!   There are many great shoe brands out there offering all the style of the designer labels at an affordable price.

These styles will definitely compliment a chiffon middy, ruffled tunic mini, a solid black dress or almost anything beautifully.

Color is the new black! Another way to add a pop of color to a look using the color trends is by adding colorful semi-precious stones, multi color gems and shiny rhinestones to your average flat sandals.

Remember, your client needs to stand out from the crowd!!! Right??

For ideas for this look, check out this Cesar Piciotti suede sandal with Swarovski crystals selling for $645 or Diane Von Furstenberg’s Gold Goddess sandal selling at only $255 (a bargain for her label!).

Again there are many similar shoe styles out there that every woman can afford.

It’s about knowing your customer and having an understanding for what they can spend, then presenting them with the best options.

It is all about perception and now is the time to promote fun, positive energy that will make your client feel like a million bucks no matter what they spend!

So the next time you see a wondering eye in your shoe store put a smile on your face and show them the designer shoe that will make them have a spring in their step.

It works!!

By the way: the above article was written in collaboration with Juila Kreibich ( Managing Director) of Pearland Company

Check out her site , it is very cool!! www.pearlandcompany.com